To register online, please do the following.

1. As LAAS-CNRS is a Restricted Area, please fill this form first.  In the section "Responsible of the visit", indicate (without dittos): "Patrick", "DANES", "RAP (Two!Ears Summer School)".  During the Summer School, to get into the laboratory you will have to show your ID card at the reception desk.

2. Then proceed to the registration by opening this page into another window, and by selecting "Two!Ears" therein.  Mind the following technical point: for any payment by Credit Card, the registration and payment must be done in only one go.  In other words, it is impossible to go back to the registration in order to complete a pending Credit Card payment.  If you close the payment page before completing the payment, this won't delete your application automatically; so, when trying to register again the system will tell you that you have already been registered (and we will have to delete you manually so that you can resume the whole process).

3. If you are member of the french CNRS, then you will receive the bill (facture PROFORMA).  You will have to give it to the financial staff of your lab so that they can proceed to the payment.


To keep up to date, subscribe to the RSS feed.  For any problem/suggestion, feel free to contact twoears2015-admin [at] laas [dot] fr.

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